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Genix International is the Best IVF Centre in India providing best IVF services and an outstanding Assisted Reproduction Centre located in Delhi easily accessible via all forms of transportation. Led by internationally acclaimed Infertility Expert & Best IVF Doctor in Delhi The team of Fertility Experts with professional qualifications and experienced expertise offer guarantee of success at a fraction of the price you would pay for similar treatments abroad.

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Single Parent


Genix Fertility has surrogacy programs for single parents. If you’re a single male or female and want to have a child of your own, then this program is acceptable & best suited for you as we supply you with the best egg donors and surrogates for single planned dads and sperm donors for unmarried meant moms.
Generally, the surrogacy procedure is the exact same for unmarried parents as for every other intended parents. Vitro fertilization (IVF) is used to create an embryo that’s subsequently carried to term by a surrogate mother.In traditional surrogacy, one person could employ a surrogate mother, whose eggs are used to create the embryo. However, most intended parents pursue gestational surrogacy, where the surrogate (also referred to as a gestational carrier) is not genetically related to the infant. While many couples can use the intended mother’s egg and intended father’s sperm, every single planned parent will want to use an egg or sperm donor at gestational surrogacy. This is the most important difference between single-parent surrogacy and surrogacy for couples.
Surrogacy for Single Parents Procedure:
Finding an Egg Donor: Finding an apt egg donor can be any easy or difficult task meeting the requirements. This can be someone called the parent(s) or an anonymous donor.
Egg development
The donor takes medicine to stimulate her ovaries to produce many eggs and the eggs are gathered. Sometimes, to discuss costs, the eggs from an egg-donation cycle are divided among many recipients.
Sperm Collection Sperm from either the receiver’s male spouse or a sperm donor are used to fertilize these eggs in the lab. Egg Transport
An embryo (fertilized egg) is preferred and transferred into the uterus (womb) of the planned carrier and a pregnancy is created. The intended carrier can be the intended parent or a different girl (gestational carrier), based on the conditions.
Alternatives for Single Men
Single men who wish to have children face a more complex challenge than single women: they want egg donation along with a gestational carrier (surrogate) to take the pregnancy to term. Single guys can take advantage of our big and diverse pool of egg yolks , and also be quickly matched with an egg donor who closely matches each individual’s criteria. Briefly, the egg donor undergoes ovarian stimulation and has multiple eggs retrieved when they are mature after 2-3 weeks.

While Fertility World does not directly offer gestational carrier solutions, we’ve worked with a number of reliable agencies, and can place our patients in touch with them. Since surrogacy is a complicated legal process, Fertility World always strongly urge patients to get independent legal counsel.

In some cases, there may be male infertility factors included, like low sperm count, poor sperm morphology (shape) and poor sperm motility (movement). All these problems compromise the sperm’s ability to fertilize the eggs, and are generally discovered through semen analysis. Many of the problems linked to the semen’s shape and freedom can be addressed by using a laboratory technique known as Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), which immediately injects the best sperm from a sample to the egg to facilitate fertilization.
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