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Genix International is the Best IVF Centre in India providing best IVF services and an outstanding Assisted Reproduction Centre located in Delhi easily accessible via all forms of transportation. Led by internationally acclaimed Infertility Expert & Best IVF Doctor in Delhi The team of Fertility Experts with professional qualifications and experienced expertise offer guarantee of success at a fraction of the price you would pay for similar treatments abroad.

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Guaranteed IVF Treatment in Delhi India

Program with Donor Egg

Our International Genix Fertility family experts explains the benefits of EGG DONATION “Advances in reproductive technologies have opened new windows for women who have been not able to conceive because of poor egg quality or lack of eggs. These techniques also offer options for same-sex couples that are attempting to have a baby. Our IVF hospitals & facilities PAN INDIA leaders in egg donation and are one of the very first to establish an egg donation system.”

Success of Using an Egg Donor Infertility treatment using an egg donor offers among the maximum success rates of all fertility procedures. In most cases, the egg donor and recipient remain anonymous to one another. Our fertility clinics work closely together and can recommend local egg donation agencies which perform a comprehensive initial screening of donors.
Our IVF centre also conducts its own secondary screening. These screenings document everything from the donor’s genetic makeup to fertility potential, and even emotional condition. In addition, our proficient fertility experts evaluate the intended mother’s uterine wellness to make sure the most optimal conditions potential to achieve pregnancy achievement.
Utilizing an Egg Donor Is Common Statistics reveal that an increasing number of couples are using egg donation, especially women in their 40s. Egg donation acts as a new hope for couples and individuals who have some challenges to overcome to produce their fantasies of a family possible. Our networked fertility clinics stand ready to assist.
When Egg Donor IVF Is Needed
In conventional IVF treatment, the woman takes fertility drugs & medication to stimulate egg production in her ovaries. Once the eggs reach maturity, they are recovered via an ultrasound-guided needle. The retrieved eggs are placed in a petri dish with sperm cells, and some eggs are fertilized. The resulting embryos may then either be transferred into the mother’s uterus, transferred into a gestational carrier’s uterus, or frozen for a later cycle.
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